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Free Webinar:
"Meet the Book"

"Meet the Book": A Conversation with Audrey Burt Saha


Join Mali Bain in conversation with author Audrey Burt Saha, who will introduce her first book, "Living in Tandem". Audrey will share the motivation and process behind her writing, read a section from her book, and answer questions from participants.  Audrey is authentic, energetic and bold - be prepared to leave inspired!

Mali, founder of NextGen Story: Custom Publishing, will interview the author and answer questions about the publishing process.


You'll leave with lessons learned and links to resources that can support you in your writing and publishing journey.


Come celebrate the power of stories with us!

For more info about Audrey and Mali:
Buy a copy of "Living in Tandem" .


Photo of a stack of custom books.
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