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Family History Book

Tell the story of a family member now, before the memories fade.

Every family has stories: and the sum total of those stories is passed down to future generations through stories told and retold over dinner tables (or Zoom calls).

Family history books can capture and preserve the research that you have spent years compiling. Your history book could focus on your own life, the story of your parent/grandparent/aunt/uncle, and/or the story of an ancestor. Whatever the context, each NextGen Story family history book will allow you to:

  • Bring together some of their favorite things: letters, recipes, photos

  • Discover ancestors you didn’t know, and long-lost family history

  • Capture the “spirit” of a person: things that made them laugh and cry

  • Learn more about yourself as you uncover unexpected family traits

Making a family history book is a decision you'll never regret.

Plant in a Glass Bottle

As our clients put it...

Photo Selection

More than just a trip down memory lane, this project has been a treasure hunt, taking me in many directions, (rabbit hole!) and Mali's knowledge, skill, and intuitive strategy have guided me along the way to make stronger connections with my family's past.

Janis, NextGen Story client

In the process of putting this book together, I have reached a sense of resolution and found unexpected echoes of his life on my own. I am reminded of Kirkegaard’s words: “Life can only be understood backward, but it must be lived forwards.”

Michael, NextGen Story client


Image Design

Add custom images - family tree, maps, and more

Set up one-on-one interviews with people who know the whole story.



Sit back & relax while we put together the first draft of your Family History book.



Print hardcover or softcover, large or small format to share with family, friends, and more.




Story Collection

Have a book you'd like to create?

Schedule your free consultation today

Image of a family history book.
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