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Living in Tandem
A Memoir about being More Than an Autism Mom
by Audrey Burt Saha, Book Publishing Cohort '22

When Audrey discovered through a routine hearing exam that her cherub-like toddler was autistic, her life was forever changed. Within these pages are stories of deep love, devotion and the determination to live life to the fullest despite the obstacles. This book in an authentic and inspiring journey in a mother's life.

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I Have Come a Long Way

A Memoir of Immigration
by Patricia Eyamba
, Book Publishing Cohort '22

Patricia Eyamba built a prosperous life in Nigeria. She and her husband decided to give it all up so that their son would have a greater global perspective. I Have Come A Long Way is a heartfelt and witty account of what it means to start all over again. This is a story of resilience, relationships, self-determination, and connection.

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Quakers, Puritans and Witches
500 Years of the Haight Family
by Nancy Haight Penrose

The family's members were a diverse group, ranging from slave owners to abolitionists, public officials to timbermen, farmers and adventurers. This personal and fascinating story of an early Canadian family offers readers an intimate glimpse into the struggles and triumphs of a family that stretches across centuries.

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The Lemonade Tree

A Memoir of Immigration
by Pat Ridgers

The Lemonade Tree invites you on an unforgettable journey through four remarkable adventures spanning half a century. In the face of war measures, unexpected unemployment, and significant medical challenges, Pat's intrepid adventures are an inspiring reminder that life's greatest rewards often lie just beyond the next horizon.

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Custom Books - Samples

Many NextGen Story: Custom Publishing clients choose to share their books with family and friends. See below for some examples of these fascinating books.

Maps and Family Trees

When we work with life story and family history authors, we often create custom maps and family trees.

A map can show the towns, villages, or cities important to your story. Family trees provide key family and relational context.

Illustration of a custom family map.
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