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Examples of Family History Books created on behalf of families

Premium Custom Book

This project began with family photographs, letters, and documents. I conducted historical and genealogical research to bring to life the story of a 20-year-old man killed in World War II. Images blurred to respect the privacy of the family.

Premium - Bunty
Photo of a sample page of a premium custom book.

Custom Book: Legacy Package

Custom book in honour of a grandmother, mother and wife who died in 2010. I worked with family to weave together interviews, genealogical and historical research, and family photographs into timeless coffee-table book.

Anchor 1
Sample pages of a legacy package custom book.

Just a Chapter projects

Clearwater Cabin

This project began with a 1.5 hour interview of family members, followed by the collection of memories from other relatives via email and Facebook. The end result: a beautiful book capturing memories of a special place.

Services provided: Overall vision / structural edit for the book, interviews, transcription, writing, editing, proofreading, cover design, page layout and design, printing.

Sample page of a "Just a Chapter" project

"Mom's Daily Notes"

This project started with over 2,000 emails sent daily to children and grandchildren, and a selection of original paintings. A collaborative family curation process resulted in a mini-book with a themed selection of quotes and emails.

Services provided: Curation support; editing; professional design; printing.

Mom's Daily Notes
Book cover illustration

Custom Elements

Maps and Family Trees

Custom elements can be a stand-alone feature, or can make the difference to a professional book. A basic map can show the towns, villages, or cities important to your family's story, or show a significant migration, holiday, or family trip. Family trees provide key family and relational context - or can demonstrate your family link to a well-known historical figure.

Illustration of a custom family map.
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