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Family History Book

Tell your family story now,
before the memories fade.

Every family has stories. Family history books and life story books can capture and preserve the memories that you take for granted. 


Family History books can: 

  • Detail the family immigration or emigration story 

  • Compile family anecdotes of treasured people, places, or traditions

  • Situate your family in a broader social, cultural, and historical narrative


Life Story books allow you to: 

  • Follow the journey of a cherished family member, from birth onwards

  • Delve deeper into the places and events that influenced your life or that of your cherished relative

  • Celebrate your or your family member’s greatest accomplishments


Whatever the context, with the help of NextGen Story Custom Publishing you can: 

  • Safeguard your favourite memories – from your own life or the lives of family members

  • Preserve the past for future generations

  • Leave a legacy to inspire your loved ones for decades to come

  • Learn about yourself by better understanding your heritage seeing your past in new ways

Making a family history book is a decision you'll never regret.

Close-up of a custom family history book.

As our clients put it...

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More than just a trip down memory lane, this project has been a treasure hunt, taking me in many directions, (rabbit hole!) and Mali's knowledge, skill, and intuitive strategy have guided me along the way to make stronger connections with my family's past.

Janis, NextGen Story client

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In the process of putting this book together, I have reached a sense of resolution and found unexpected echoes of his life on my own. I am reminded of Kirkegaard’s words: “Life can only be understood backward, but it must be lived forwards.”

Michael, NextGen Story client

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Image Design

Add custom images - family tree, maps, and more

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Set up one-on-one interviews with people who know the whole story.

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Sit back & relax while we put together the first draft of your Family History book.

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Print hardcover or softcover, large or small format to share with family, friends, and more.



Sample: Book, storage box & custom USB

Story Collection

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