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The Value of Your Story

A book is like a conversation with a friend. A custom life story or family history book creates conversation

Creating a book with NextGen Story is a gift that will last for generations to come.


Custom Books

"done for you"

Allow us to create a beautiful custom book for you. Our team can support with professional services from compilation of content, to interviews, to professional book design. Your book will shine thanks to our empathetic, thoughtful approach to the whole story


Facilitated Self-Publishing
"done with you"

Are you writing a life story or family history book? Would you like to share your book with family and friends - and maybe beyond? Our self-publishing pathways provide options for you to consider

Book Coaching

Do you find yourself 'stuck' in your process - not sure where to proceed?

Book coaching can support you with publishing expertise and wisdom to ensure that your book gets done.

Photo of a stack of custom family history books.

Group Programs

Creating a life story or family history book can be very isolating. Learn more, meet likeminded people, and move your book to completion with the 10-month Book Publishing Cohort 

Photo of a woman and child sitting on a beach and looking at a book.
Custom Books

81% of people plan to write a book "someday"; only 11% finish a book

Let us help you create the book you've been imagining

Custom Books

Capture the spirit of a loved one’s life by creating a custom book. NextGen Story can help you create the book you've been imagining: starting with interviews, movning through editing and, and finishing with a beautiful custom design. A custom book is an investment in your and your family’s story.

For samples, see here.

Photo of a custom book cover.

Telling a life story is a threefold gift: to family and friends, to future generations, and to yourself. In our introductory book package, we capture the essence of your loved one, keeping their spirit alive in perpetuity.

How we help:

  • We conduct a series of interviews with your loved one to understand their story.

  • You share photos and other accompanying materials.

  • From their words, we craft a life story book that captures their memories and experiences.

  • We take care of all the details, from editing to book design.

The result is a professionally made book to share with family and friends.

Starting from $4750

Photo of a stack of custom family history books.

Starting with family photos and documents, create a well-researched book that shares your ancestors’ story in the context of their times. You'll be surprised by what you learn about them - and yourself!

How we help:

  • Starting with photographs, letters and documents, we carefully research your loved one’s life and times.

  • From this content, we write, layout and design a beautiful book

  • We can add custom content such as family trees, maps, and personalized timelines.

  • We print your book and support  distribution

Your book will be treasured now - and for generations to come.

Starting from $8750

USB stick containing archival material, quotes and photos.
Honour The Legacy

Through interviews and archival material, preserve the stories and spirit of a loved one who has passed away. Now is the best time to capture memories of loved ones.

How we help:


  • We support you in gathering stories through group storytelling sessions, facilitated photo sharing via social media, and a dedicated phone line.

  • Then, we compile all the quotes, stories, and photographs we find into a beautiful book that brings your loved one back to life.

  • We take care of all the details, from editing to book design.

We will help you create the book of your dreams.

Book Publishing

Facilitated Self-Publishing

You've gathered content and ideas into one place, and you'd like to share with family.

Our "facilitated self-publishing" approach brings a team on board with your book: professional editors, designers and printers will help your book shine and be shared.

We can work with you to create an all-in one quote, or support you through editing, design, and publishing as-needed.

All packages include

  • One printed proof to make revisions before your final order

  • PDF copy of your final book

  • Two coaching sessions (more as specified)

Children's Storybook

Get your book 'out there' and into the world! This package focuses on the basics to get your book published sooner rather than later.


  • Manuscript review - providing personalized feedback on your whole book

  • Copy-editing - to catch the the litle spelling errers that happen to us all (catch those?) - up to 50k words

  • Professional templated cover and interior

  • One round of feedback on cover and interior pdfs 

  • Two personal coaching sessions

Starting from $2,450

Photo of a stack of custom books.

If you're ready to polish and refine your book - professional editing and design take your book to the next level


  • Manuscript review and full structural edit (up to 70k words)

  • Professional copy-editing (up to 70k words)

  • Custom book cover

  • Up to 3 "custom spreads" to showcase unique content

  • Support drafting authentic, engaging back cover copy

  • Two rounds of revisions on draft PDFs

  • ISBN included (to allow public sale / distribution to libraries)

  • Includes 10 author copies of your (softcover) book

starting from $6,900


Launch your book with a full package - professional stylistic edit to improve your writing, marketing support and author website

  • Manuscript review and full structural edit (up to 90k words)

  • Professional stylistic editing - to improve the flow of words & sentences

  • Professional copy-editing (up to 90k words)

  • Custom book cover

  • Up to 6 "custom spreads" to showcase unique content

  • Support drafting cover copy

  • Personalized marketing plan

  • Author website, press release

  • Two rounds of revisions on draft PDFs

  • Softcover and hardcover design

  • ISBN included

  • Includes 20 softcover and 5 hardcover copies of your book

Starting from $9,900

Ready to get started?

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