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Stories from Solo Parents by Choice



Choosing Single Parenthood: Stories from Solo Parents by Choice provides insight into the journey of becoming a single mother from the perspective of women who have chosen to create a family on their own terms. With contributions from women across Canada, the stories in this anthology explore the power of choice and what it means to become a mother.

Regardless of their personal journey to create a family, readers will be inspired by the strength and determination within the stories of these single parents by choice.

People are Saying

"Once I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down. This book is so relevant to anyone trying to have a baby on their own. With each story I felt I wasn’t alone in this, but rather part of a group and this has been so inspirational. Gift yourself the experience of these stories, they’re so inspiring! We need more stories like this!"

- Corina Pop


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  • Annie

  • Athena Reich

  • Chelsea

  • Katie Gregory

  • Katie W.

  • Kristi

  • Laura F.

  • Laura W.

  • Mali

  • Marija

  • Megan

  • Myriam Steinberg

  • Nadia Pestrak

  • Rochelle

  • Samia

  • Shauna

  • Zoë Sehn

Cover artwork by Olya Sweets

Cover design by Cara Bain Design

Published by NextGen Story: Custom Publishing



Bonus: we've compiled a Resources list at the back of the book. Here's a few of our favourites:

Not by Accident (podcast)
Single Mothers by Choice Canada (Facebook group)

Check out the book (p. 108-109) for more!

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