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Our Process


Send your folder or box of photos, we'll choose a set that sparks memories

Provide details from your own life and/ or invite others to share memories online or via phone

Relax while we put together a first-draft.

 You receive 10 hardcover copies to share with family and friends. Additional copies are available for order now or later.

Editing and Revision




Photo Selection
Photo of a box of old family photos.

Photo Selection

If you have a box of photos in the basement, or a folder of photos in the cloud somewhere - photos you've been meaning to sort through, someday, but haven't had a chance - you're not alone.


We provide

  • Personalized and collaborative photo selection service

  • A selection that helps tell your story based on key moments, people, and settings 

  • A long list of questions to capture key aspects of a person's life.

You'll end up with a set of carefully curated photos and questions, designed to illustrate your stories.

Story Collection
Photo of an old family photo.

Collection & Recollection

Carefully organized photos and thought-provoking questions offer a starting point to the collection of stories and memories from yourself and your loved ones.

This process is as unique as the people involved. Story collection may include:

  • Personal interviews with friends and/or relatives 

  • Multiple methods of memory collection: online via website or voice recording, by email, or by phone through a family-specific 1-800 number.

  • Scanning and transcription of letters, postcards, military documents, and other personal effects

  • Personalized genealogical and historical research to unearth stories of ancestors and relatives

The result? A collection of photographs, stories, and history you may have never otherwise heard - that may otherwise have been forgotten.

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