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Self-Publishing 101: For Life Story and Family History writers

Move your book from "Idea" to Reality


Are you a life story or family history writer with questions about the world of publishing?
Questions like:

  •     How do I choose a publisher?

  •     When do I worry about formatting?

  •     What kind of editing do I need, and when?

  •     How much does publishing cost?

  •     How much does printing cost?

  •     What format makes sense for my book?

... and more!

This session is designed to meet your needs - before the ses
sion, I will send out a list of possible topics so that we can focus our time on the topics of greatest relevance to you.

Photo of a stack of custom books.

What topics will we cover?


If you've been considering "publishing" - for family or for public - this session is for you. You will learn

  • Basic steps for self-publishing

  • Four types of self-publishing - and when to use each

  • How and when editors, designers, and printers can help your book shine

  • Traditional vs self-publishing methods

  • How "on-demand" printing can work for you

  • What to do - and what NOT to do - when submitting your book to 'traditional' publishers

  • Printing options to share your book with family and/or the public

In the words of participants...


"Gave me a great overview of the process. It makes things more manageable to "start with the first step first"."

   Publishing 101 participant, fall 2023

"I learned so much about the publishing process, plus the different types of editing. Thanks for such a clear and enthusiastic presentation!"

   Publishing 101 participant, fall 2023

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