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Mother and Daughter

Gift Certificate
For Mothers

Inspire your mother to begin recording her memories

Give her the gift of professional support

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Gift Certificates

  • Let your mother know you'd like to read her writing

  • Give her the gift of professional support - because we can all use help getting our words on paper & out into the world

  • Collaborate with siblings, cousins, or family friends - so that she knows she has readers.

  • Real paper gift certificate will be mailed to her home

  • Choose between $250 and $500 value

+ A bonus life story journal

"My Life, My Words: A Memoir in Progress" is a comprehensive journal guiding you to record your life story with tools for effective writing and reflective questions. Divided into sections covering various life stages, it offers prompts and space for responses, making it a meaningful gift to preserve personal legacies.

Now is the time
to let your mother, grandmother, or aunt know that you want to hear their stories and memories.

This certificate can be used toward any book publishing service, at any part of the book creation journey (considering book ideas, writing, editing), and can be used now or several years from now.


You can submit payment below; please share your name, mother's name, and address by email to

** If you'd like your gift to arrive by May 12, please order by May 8th**


Take the first step

"“There comes a point in your life
when you need to stop reading other people's books
and write your own."

- Albert Einstein

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