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Next Level

Create a gift that will last - a book that will spark admiration, conversation, and discussion. 

Have you already written your story - but aren’t sure how to present it to your loved ones? Transform it into a treasured keepsake your family will cherish with our Next Level package. You can:

  • Preserve the past in a durable, attractive format.

  • Create a durable, professional book, in a coffee-table-style format.

  • Create a professional piece: professional editing, proofreading, and book design. 

  • Leave a legacy to inspire loved ones for decades to come.

We're here to make the book that you've imagined come true. 

photo of a custom family history book

As our clients put it...

Photo Selection

Without NextGen Story our family’s precious book would not have been made. Mali’s keen eye for detail and her sense of the overall picture brought our Grandmother’s memories together to form a beautiful, fascinating, and meaningful arc. She was organized and professional yet completely sensitive to our family’s feelings and priorities throughout. 

This project created an absolute treasure of a book.

- Sam, NextGen Story client.

Sam's grandmother's book, "There Was Change Coming," was created from a "memoirs" document she wrote in the '90s, along with photographs chosen by grandchildren.

She loved it! We had a zoom call with all my aunts and uncles. We all cried as my mother read the preface. My grandma enjoyed looking at all the photos but will need some time to read it with her magnifying glass due to her macular degeneration.

It was beautiful! The only thing that would have made it better is if we could have been together in person but maybe we can make that happen when we have the final version.

Everyone wants a copy.

- Cathy, NextGen Story client.

Cathy and her family worked with photos, some written memories, and a few recorded interviews to create "Magdalene's Memoirs." It was delivered as a surprise for Magdalene's 95th birthday!

images & structure consult

Share with us the conten you have, and we'll suggest ways you could transform into a "real book".

The difference between an amateur text and a "real book" is often just one thing: editing, editing, and editing. We'll polish till the words shine and sparkle...


Creating a clean, clear, and professional-looking design is harder than it looks. We'll get the professionals on it.



Print hardcover or softcover, large or small format to share with family, friends, and more. Can include ISBN and online sale if desired.

Professional copy-editing


Story Collection

Have a book you'd like to create?

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