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Book Publishing Cohort

81% of people say they want to complete a book.
Less than 11% end up doing so.

Book Publishing Cohort

Do you have a family history or life story book idea that’s been 'on the back burner'?


Want to have some motivation and structure?


Would you value an outside perspective, publishing expertise, and peer support to get your book done?


The 2023 Book Publishing Cohort registration has closed. If you're keen to be part of a Cohort - subscribe to our mailing list, or join the waiting list below.

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Is this you?

The Cohort is for you if:

  • You know you have a story to tell, either about your own life or members of your family

  • Despite your best intentions, you haven’t gotten your book done and you're ready to complete the project

  • You are willing to invest time and resources into doing a book project yourself, but could use some support, structure and motivation

  • You’d like to go beyond the basics to create a thoughtful, engaging, and professional book that will stand the test of time.

  • You feel a sense of duty to document and record family stories for generations to come: because if you don’t do it, who will?

How This Cohort Will Help You

This cohort is designed to support you to finish your book. The cohort is a small group of life story and family history book writers who meet monthly over a 10-month period.Here's what we provide:

  • Motivation and accountability to get your book done

  • A clear, easy-to follow, proven process

  • Expertise on the writing, editing, design and publishing process

  • Opportunity to ask questions of and connect with others going through a similar process

  • Walk through a publishing process specifically designed for life story and family history writers

Book Publishing Cohort

If you are willing to invest time and resources into doing the book project yourself, but could use some support, structure and motivation: this cohort is here for you.

Make significant progress on the book you’ve been waiting to write.

Best choice if you want support to write and compile content, without deadlines.


  • Monthly group sessions plus work sessions as scheduled

  • Easy-to-follow worksheets and resources throughout the publishing process

  • Tools and inspiration to make the best use of the time you have available

  • A monthly one-on-one check-in with Mali, as well as ongoing email coaching

Note that any book moving to publication will require rounds of editing beyond the peer editing & feedback provided in the basic cohort. You can request an editing quote when you are ready, or move to the ‘second eye’ package.

$150 per month for 10 months

Receive additional feedback to improve and polish your work.

Best choice if you want extra guidance but no time pressure.


All of the basic features, PLUS:

  • One (1) full manuscript review / developmental edit to give overall structure/flow suggestions

  • Follow-up read-through by the same editor

  • Copy-edit for consistency/grammar

For up to 30,000 words. Additional costs if your work is longer than this.

Cohort - $150 per month*
Editing package from $2,200 - $5,400 depending on book


Draft your manuscript, receive expert help to edit and polish, and enjoy support throughout the production process.

Best choice if you want to get your book ready to publish by the end of the cohort!


All of the basic features, PLUS:

  • Full manuscript review/developmental edit and follow-up read-through

  • Copy-edit

  • Layout into professional templated format-

  • Custom cover design
  • Support to upload onto major distribution platforms

  • Book marketing consult

  • Printing of one (1) proof copy

Up to 30,000 words.
Does not include costs for marketing and printing.

Cohort - $150 per month
Publishing package $5,900 - $11,500 depending on the book


* All prices + GST. Bursaries available for those on fixed income or from Indigenous background: contact Mali for more information. First payment due as deposit on registration; ongoing payments on the 15th of each month.

The cohort commitment is for 10 months: enough time to significantly move your book forward.
You may choose to create a book for your family, for family & friends, or for public distribution. There is no requirement to finish your book.



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