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How to Honour Your Mother with Pictures

Updated: May 29, 2023

Over the last decade, people have become increasingly aware of a strange phenomenon: mothers are nowhere to be seen in family photo albums and family history books. Often tasked with the chores that make photo-worthy days run smoothly—from cooking Christmas dinner, to dressing children for a wedding, to packing the vacation suitcases—there is little time left for Mom to be in front of the camera. This results in family history books, full of cherished memories, with no evidence of Mom ever being present.

This absence in family photo books is a poor representation of the importance of our mothers, grandmothers, and other women in our lives. One NextGen Story client realized this, and rather than letting the memories and images of her grandmother, Joy, diminish over time, she compiled images and interviews from family members to create Joy’s Book.

How to Honour Mom with Pictures—Not Flowers or Jewelry

Joy’s Book collected decades of photographs, from Joy’s childhood to her final years. The photographs from Joy’s adolescence are plentiful and serve to portray Joy’s vibrant personality. Joy’s Book portrays Joy as a well-loved mother, grandmother, aunt, and wife. In addition to her role in the family, this project captures Joy as a nuanced individual, with all the quirks, habits, and affections that made her unique. The Life Story book also demonstrates Joy’s passion for scouting, themed parties, and teaching.

All the intricacies that create the person her family loved and cared for are recorded in the detailed recollection of her life. Family members recount Joy’s affection for bridge and her resolve to win every game— “she didn’t like to lose at bridge.”

On each page, Joy’s character and personality shine through. Not only is she praised as a caring family member and tender teacher, but her sense of humour, competitive streak and determination are all apparent. Affection for Joy radiates from the pages, and through the photos and words in this Life Story Book, her memory is alive and full of “joy.”

It can be difficult to figure out how best to show your mother—or other important women in your life—that you care. The stores fill with flowers, chocolate, and jewelry, but an original gift is right at your fingertips. Create your own Life Story Book, or start with Just a Chapter. If you have your own idea for how best to honour mom with pictures, contact us to begin planning together.

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