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Thoughtful Mother's Day gifts That Honour Her Story

I have an annual reminder in my calendar about 10 days before mother's day and it says 'remember to mail mom a card'. Most years, I've remembered. And every year, I wish I had some great ideas for what to get mom.

I've been so inspired by my clients and the thoughtful gifts they give their mothers: and so this year I'm sharing a few of the ideas I’ve heard from others: thoughtful Mother's Day gifts that honour her story.

  1. Publish a book for her (secretly!) Take some text that your mom has written, a set of recipes, or even a series of emails (from a trip, or for an occasion). Working with that content, create a custom book just for her! You can give the gift of 'Just a chapter' for mother's Day, then have the actual book delivered by Christmas. (I recommend giving a gift of just 1 copy, so that she can review and make any changes before ordering a larger number).

  2. Invite her to sign up for Record Me Now - a personal legacy app where she can video-record answers to questions, knowing that the answers will be shared when she gives permission.

  3. Offer to help her tell her parents’ stories - chances are, your mother has a box of photos, documents, and other mementos from her parents. Combining those photos/etc with memories (quotes, stories) can make a beautiful book that honours the memory of her loved ones and family.

  4. Do some genealogical research for her - does your mother know her own family history, going back generations? If you have time, energy, and persistence: trace back her roots a bit further than she's ever been able to. You can use to get started, or ask someone who does this often (like me!) to give you a few pointers.

  5. Compile grandkids' questions for her: I am working right now with a family who started something they call the “Nana Project”. They gave their grandmother (Nana) two questions from each grandchild for her birthday. This month, I’ll be hosting a Zoom call with Nana and five grandchildren: a chance to hear Nana’s answers and have her stories recorded for generations to come. I wish I had done this with my grandmother...!

I hope these ideas spark others for you. If you have a thoughtful mother's day gift idea you'd like to share, reach out and I’ll add it to this list.

I would love to work with you on a legacy project for your family. If you have an idea you’d like to explore, just reply or give me a call: I’m ready to help.

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